Our Team

Here are the faces that make up the beautiful foundation of our M4M movement. Each with our own unique story, and diverse reasons for volunteering, but together, we all share the same compassion, kindness and drive to help others. Our team leaders are from all over Maine. Each of them making a difference one community at a time.

Ashley Brown


Ashley Brown, the face behind the mission, started Meals for ME, with the simple act of sharing her leftovers with neighbors. As this continues to grow, she balances raising a young family and works hard to better her community, one meal at a time.

Email me: ashley.mealsforme@yahoo.com

Randy Olsen


Randy Olsen, the founder of Meals for ME, a Westbrook native, has put his whole self into this program as he believes in the mission; creating connections through food.

Email me: randy.mealsforme@yahoo.com

Ashley Whitman

Team Leader – Waterville

(Volunteers Needed)

Beth Potter

Team Leader – Oxford county

Email me: beth.mealsforme@yahoo.com

(Volunteers Needed)

Beverly Morton

Team Leader – Westbrook

(Volunteers Needed)

Kristen Brooke

Team Leader -Bangor

Email me: kristen.mealsforme@yahoo.com

Brynn Mcleod
Carrie Calabrese
Nicole Wheldon
Tina Hatch

Olivia King

Team Leader – Portland

Email me: olivialilli.mealsforme@yahoo.com

(Volunteers Needed)

Kris Stoddard

Team Leader – Augusta

Volunteers :
Jodie Bee
Danielle Gauvin

Michelle Geronimo

Team Leader – Lewiston

Email me: michelle.mealsforme@yahoo.com

Michelles Crew:
Larna Poulin
Glen Virgiin
Keirsten Walder
Kelly-Lynn Kimball
Maggie Elwell
Pam Kinlin-Virgin

Raychel Ward

Team leader – Lewiston

Email me: raychelward.mealsforme@yahoo.com

Ashley Brown
Robyn Gervais

Charlene Knawer

Team Leader – Westbrook

Linda Hanson Isa Burke
Linda Becker Susie Burke
Kelly Carle Sally Hirshberg
Kathy Gunst
Julianna Burke

Ruth Burke

Team Leader – Auburn

Email me: rburke.mealsforme@gmail.com

(Volunteers Needed)

Want to work with us?

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